People Heart Business is an impact partner focusing on the link between People and Business.

We offer unique, tailored consultancy services to make businesses and organizations future-fit. We help creating a movement to thrive by making the organization fit for people. By uniting peoples’ hearts and brains, we solve organizations’ complex challenges of tomorrow. Together with our clients, we have the humble ambition to revolutionize the business world. Making it a place where top performance is built on wellbeing.

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Dream big. Do big.

Research-based and data-driven strategies and tools.

We don’t guess, lean on gut feel or take the easy way to find a short-term quick fix. We are psychologists, economists, and engineers who believe in research and data. We want to lead the way and find real solutions, deliver tangible long-term results and create meaningful impact.

What we do

People and strategy are too often treated separately. We are not a people company nor a strategy firm. We are passionate about creating meaningful impact by combining people and business. People Heart Business brings psychology into the business world to build top-performing and healthy organizations.

Our customers rarely know exactly what they need but come to us with one ask and often an even bigger challenge. Together, we tailor an initiative to unite people to solve the complex challenges critical for company success.

We believe that the services in this field will need innovation to create real impact, and we know that we become better together – therefore we often both find the problem and solution together with the customer.

On our pursuit of designing the best services to make a difference tomorrow this is how we help today:


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What our clients say about us


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Recently Allbright presented their report on Diversity in Swedish business. Even if the topic of diversity has become…

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Redefining Culture and navigating Change

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