Want to join People Heart Business?

We are always on the lookout for great people who are ready to revolutionize the business world. The team at People Heart Business are company builders with great ambitions and dedication towards working to realizing our dreams.*

*Not short for working around the clock and not have a life outside of work**  

**Not short for having lower ambitions than solely performance-oriented companies. Simply put – we believe in research: top performance and wellbeing go much better together than how it is practiced today; we practice what we preach and are here to revolutionize the business world.


We are looking for company builders with HEART and PASSION for:

  • Strategy (now)
  • Leadership (now)
  • Business Administration (now – part-time)
  • Tech/AI (soon)
  • Cutting Edge Delivery (soon)

And, impact volunteers with passion for developing both People Heart Business and our partners (now)

If you are one of these people, reach out to: felicia@peopleheartbusiness.com


We strengthen leader to take on complex challenges, create a culture where people can flourish, and accelerate the progress of the business strategy.

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