Change happens faster than ever before; society faces opportunities and major challenges with higher complexity. Disruption is happening at scale, transforming multiple industries and sectors.

In this era, People Heart Business was founded with the purpose of uniting people in solving the unsolvable. We have the humble ambition to change the business world to focus on true impact with top performance and wellbeing as a foundation. For Real.   

To support the CEOs leading the future we have gathered a diverse team of engineers, economists and psychologists all passionate about making a difference. 




The core of our services is also the foundation of how we build our own company, living our values inside out. We dare to be humans, both strong and weak, and we have the courage to dream big! Wellbeing is a top priority in our DNA, as we know it is the foundation for performance and success. We bring out the best in each other!  

Our Purpose

Uniting People in Solving the Unsolvable

Our Values

Courage todream big

We are courageous in dreaming big and challenging what is, for what it can be!

Passion forcontribution

We let our passion lead us in realizing our purpose and take a lot of humble pride in our contribution!

Work towow

We have stamina to be cutting edge and go the extra mile and use creativity and humor to do it with a smile!

Dare to beyou

We dare to be humans, strong and weak, and we are reliable in bringing out the best of the rest for the better for the whole! 

Founders story

Klara Ljungqvist

I always knew that I was so close to being in the right place, but never fully there. Passionate about what I did, eager to learn, but also frustrated that something was wrong. 

Working as a business psychologist to build leaders and executives internationally for 10+ years, I experienced all CEOs saying people are their most important asset. I wondered – if so, why are there so few in executive positions who truly understand people, and make truly human centric decisions? The business world has been largely built by engineers and economists – which is amazing from so many perspectives – but why is so much basic knowledge about people left unprocessed?

Knowledge that could accelerate both wellbeing and top performance. 

Performance and wellbeing that we so desperately need in the business world, to handle the opportunities and challenges we face as a society. We need to bring people together to build top-performing and healthy organizations where people can flourish, reach their full potential, and together solve the unsolvable. 

I wanted to support the brave executives out there, who lead the way. 

Therefore, I wanted to gather people with brains and hearts suited for solving what’s still unsolved. I wanted to build a company with diverse expertise, with people who want to dream big and do big and with a high focus on bringing out the best in others.    

Together we want to build a movement. A revolution. 

We are always on the lookout for great people from various backgrounds to join our team.

Do you share our values and have a passion for combining brains and hearts to help shape tomorrow’s business world? Start the conversation at