Diversity inclusion– “Nice to have” or a business imperative?

Recently Allbright presented their report on Diversity in Swedish business. Even if the topic of diversity has become increasingly important for many organizations, change is slow.

According to the World Economic Forum (2023) it would still take approximately 130 years to close the inequality gap at the current pace, despite an increased global focus on gender diversity at work.

Many organizations and leaders are under extreme pressure due to the past years of pandemic, a financial downturn, technical advancements in society and higher expectations on sustainability. Even so, increasing pressure by adding DEI perspectives is necessary to be future ready and successful long-term.

In 2025, 75 percent of the workforce will be made up by millennials. According to Deloitte, DEI is one of their top two questions when assessing an employer. So not only does DEI have a positive effect on innovation, financial performance, and collaboration, it will also be critical to attract the workforce of tomorrow.

A global large cap organization reached out to People Heart Business for support in this area. Why us? A small startup, with little experience in DEI itself? We don’t know. But DEI leads the organization to larger questions. To work with DEI successfully the organization needs to center it in the business strategy, look at the performance of the executive management and CEO as well as the culture and leadership in the organization. The work needs to be done with integrity and in a way that builds trust and allyship throughout the organization. The partner needs to be capable of both handling complex logical and emotional challenges. We won the competition against international giants. It is a big responsibility and thus we partnered up with Chisom Udeze and Diversify – a consultancy with vast experience in DEI, with clients such as UN, the Economist and Boston Consulting Group.

To succeed we will always rely on the competence and trust of our clients, network, and partners.

We take humble pride in our purpose to unite people in solving the unsolvable!

What are your best tips when it comes to successful DEI-work?

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