Impactful Solutions at Scale – Developing 16 Leadership Teams Simultaneously!

The situation

Having successfully built a high-performing top management team, the CEO at a leading company within a traditional, transforming industry recognized untapped potential across the rest of the organization. Yet the financial slowdown had largely affected the industry and the company. Even if the needs were big – the resources were scarce. The norms in the business world further emphasized a high focus on cost cutting, not seldom at the expense of investments in people.

Together with the CEO, Head of Strategy, and Head of People we identified critical challenges and opportunities for maximizing the organization’s potential and enhancing its alignment with their vision and strategic goals.

The corporate strategy had a clear focus on increased cross-functional collaboration to leverage synergies and thereby increase client value. Furthermore, it was critical to transform the highly valued friendly culture to increasingly adopt multi-dimensional feedback to strengthen performance. Managers also highlighted the need to develop their management teams by increasing motivation and collaboration, but also to break down the strategy to be actionable for their part of the organization.

To balance the critical business situation, client needs, and untapped potential in the organization we crafted a tailored solution together – Management Team Development at Scale. A service aimed at increasing business performance through building 16 high performing teams simultaneously.

In recognizing the importance of boldly investing in leadership development, even amidst a financial turndown, the client is also a pioneer when it comes to challenging industry norms by staying true to their high focus on people.

The results

Midway through the project, we are already witnessing:

  • Enhanced holistic alignment within and across leadership teams.
  • Clearly defined purposes and goals for the leadership teams, roles, and responsibilities, facilitating strategic focus and collaboration.
  • New insights into strengths and development areas at team, leader, and organizational levels.
  • Increased engagement and ownership in leadership and team development.
  • Higher levels of psychological safety and openness. Strengthened communication, team culture, and collaboration.

The task

Implement a scalable solution to develop 16 high-performing leadership teams simultaneously in a cost-effective manner, emphasizing self-management and distributed leadership.

Desired outcomes

  • Enhance holistic alignment across all leadership teams by clarifying team purpose, strategic direction, operational methods, and culture
  • Increase the performance of all leadership teams and amplify their contribution to strategic achievements and overall business success
  • Develop the organization’s capabilities, including managers, leaders, and People Partners, to build high-performing teams
  • Boost culture and leadership across the organization

About the company

  • A major industry leader with over 10,000 employees and a turnover exceeding 30 billion SEK.
  • This targeted business unit consists of approximately 3,000 employees.
  • Operating within a traditional industry facing transformation, significantly influenced by the current financial downturn.
  • A strategic imperative to unravel silo-oriented ways of working and leverage management team potential to ensure strategic achievements and contribution to business success.

The solution

An innovative, customized solution to drive impact at scale, designed and executed through co-creation and collaboration between People Heart Business, the client project team, and pilot leadership teams.

Phase 1: Focus & Commit
  • Broad communication about the initiative and a workshop at the strategy conference to foster alignment, engagement, and collective understanding of the significance of high-performing teams for business success.
  • Insight reports for all teams, addressing strategy, culture, purpose, ways of working, leadership, and overall team performance, serving as a foundation for the team development journey.
  • Assessment of all leader's potential and their strengths and development areas in relation to the critical success factors.
  • Insight meetings with leaders to discuss team-specific challenges and opportunities.
  • A comprehensive insights report presenting data from all teams, identifying common challenges and opportunities across the organization, and providing recommendations for senior management.
Phase 2: Empower & Deliver
  • A digital toolkit comprising 7 workshops and 20 different exercises anchored in the fundamentals of building high-performing teams.
  • Leadership coaching to support all leaders in their quest to build high-performing teams capable of strategy realization while also engaging in personal leadership development and self-leadership.
  • "Train the trainer" workshops and coaching sessions for the People Partners to foster self-leadership, enhance skills, and strengthen internal capabilities for leading team development.
Phase 3: Boost to Continue
  • Evaluation of team and leadership development to generate new insights that guide the ongoing journey.
  • Booster plans to identify ways each leadership team and manager can sustain progress and ensure continued development. Booster plan on organizational level to prioritize coming investments.
  • Implementation of structures enabling continuous development

What our client says midway through the project