Lead the future

In a time where the world is facing challenging times, we can’t rely on governments to take responsibility for driving the shifts needed. Business leaders need to take more responsibility for turning threats into opportunities.

World Economic Forum states that data, tech, and people-centered skills are among the most needed future skills. Whilst data and tech are top priorities for most organizations, people skills are often confused for common sense and have, for most companies, not made it to a critical part of the business strategy.

Last week, People Heart Business hosted Lead the Future. An evening to unite CEOs, leaders, and rising stars at the forefront of connecting top performance and well-being as a foundation for solving the complex challenges ahead. We discussed the leadership needed in the fourth industrial revolution and got to share perspectives, reflect and fuel up to take an active role in shaping the future.

Some insights:
  • 72% of employees say the purpose is more important than profit, and 70% say that their sense of purpose is defined by their work. (McKinsey) Many business leaders believe that their organization’s purpose is central to business success, but 68% of business leaders state it’s not being used as a guidepost in management decisions. (PwC)
  • The desired leadership to handle the future is not necessarily reinforced today. Our participants noted that pressure both on contribution to society and short-term financial success has increased and that the latter is hindering the transition to the leadership needed in Industry 4.0.
  • Psychology can help CEOs understand their context and themselves more – supporting them to make the bold decisions needed for tomorrow in line with their own values and long-term value creation.
  • Purpose-driven organizations is not the opposite of having to make tough decisions. Even these decisions can be made people-centric.
  • Well-being and performance are not contradictory.

The business world needs research-based and data-driven ways to secure top-performing and healthy people and organizations ready to meet the fourth industrial revolution.

Looking forward to sharing more insights and reflections!