Redefining Culture and navigating Change

One of our clients share, two years after our work ended, their view of the journey and what impact it has had since then.

In 2020 LMK Group faced a game changing event, merging three companies (Linas Matkasse, Ret Nemnt and Godtlevert Gruppen) in three different countries, effectively doubling the size of the company. This coincided with the Pandemic and lock down, giving them no chance to travel or meet physically. How to win synergies from three companies in this challenging situation?

According to McKinsey & Company, 70 percent of mergers fail and it’s mostly because organizations too often overlook or ignore organizational culture and human capital issues and pay scant attention to integrating these softer issues into the “hard” integration process.

It takes bold leadership, to in this situation embark on a journey and involve the entire organization in defining the success DNA of the new group. They were also brave in trusting Klara LjungqvistAlicia Smith and People Heart Business, a company that didn’t even have an e-mail address when we signed the contract.

Together with the entire organization we defined the purpose, strategy and culture of LMK Group, now Cheffelo. Doing it as a co-creation project between management, leaders and employees enabled strategic alignment, trust and allyship throughout the organization. Brita Helleberg and Felicia Grosin handed over the work to them two years ago with a successful launch event (filled with substance and engagement), a toolkit and trainings for all leaders to equip them to further build it into the organization and into their own leadership. It makes me proud and happy to see how Cheffelo have taken it onwards and upwards – to unleash the potential and leverage the synergies.

Walker Kinman and Martin Neerland, it was a pleasure to work with you and the group in such a trustful partnership. Headache, laughter and so much learning. And who would have known that you had so many talented actors and film directors? I am forever thankful that you trusted me and People Heart Business with this. It is this trust that has built People Heart Business. Today we have our own compass for our team and company.

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